Joanne Hynes works at the intersection of differing methods of process as a fashion designer, artist and writer. The common thread through all of Hynes work is the relationship between self and objects and how we connect through that with to others.

Hynes graduated from Central Saint Martins MA Fashion in 2001 and established her own label in 2003. Alongside her own practice she has lectured in Fashion Design and analytical drawing at NCAD Dublin, LIT Limerick and Wigan and Leigh India.

Hynes's identifiable signature unconventional textile and embellishment focused designs have retailed worldwide. An ongoing partnership with Dunnes in Ireland launched in September 2016 and is an extension of her playful and evocative narratives around fashion and clothing concepts.
Art Studio

Ballinabarney House


JHXDS Studio

Collection at Dunnes
South Great George’s Street
DO2 RX86

Art Practice
In contrast to her 25 years of ’fashion’ design work, Hynes’s artistic practice and personal studio work has a different rhythm and need, it is one of seeking and losing, of return and departure, and finding something new each time. A cornerstone of Joanne Hynes’s process is in the creation, construction and unpicking of narratives both visually and physically through objects and motifs collected and new. These Artworks exist at an intersection of disciplines and conversations around how we express and document our experience and invested desires on ideas of self, hope, longing and connection.
‘I cannot forget her’

Vintage perfume bottle.
Mounted on silk.
(Gilded polished walnut frame)
22 x 17.5 cm