Art Studio

A collection of work in process: investigating, unpicking and experimenting with the mechanisms behind creative expression through writing, visual art and instillations. Hyness Art Studio practice has a different rythm and need to her design work, it is one of seeking and losing, of return and departure, and of finding something new each time. 


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What we carry with us
Solo art show, July 2023, Kevin Kavanagh Gallery, Dublin, Ireland.

An ongoing visual project exploring haptic experiences of clothing and objects. What is it we are connected to?

What Can You Do?
A beginning. An experiment in prose, and the unpicking of a creative DNA. 

Are they of me or am I of them? An ongoing image/video and text based project where I deconstruct, examine and attempt to inhabit collected and coveted item of clothing and objects

In the laying down. A collection of experiments with re-exploring and tracing narratives through archive work.

An ongoing project exploring how we might inhabit the clothes we wear but also what we have collected, forgotten or carry with us. 

I cannot forget her.
Object and homage, real and imagined. Artworks and written texts.