What we carry with us.

What do we leave behind, take forward, carry with us?

This first solo exhibition at the Kevin kavanagh Gallery, Dublin is formed around extracts from Hynes’s fictional essays, prose, poetry and short stories. Through a selection of clothing, objects and text, Joanne Hynes explores fictional, autobiographic and creative meaning in gesture, process, and materiality.


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Central installation from ‘what we carry with us‘
at the Kevin Kavanagh Gallery, Dublin, Ireland.

‘Sure who else would want you only me’ 

Pleated silk chiffon, shantoon, embroidered silk organza. Perspex Box frame


'I cannot forget her',
Vintage perfume bottle, mounted on silk22 x 17.5 cm (Guilded polished walnut frame)


"For Hynes, these are intersecting practices. In writing from the body, from memory and the sensory, she seeks to write from the lack of something, from a wildness, from a barely formed language, which is also materialised through the garments and objects in the exhibition. The tension between the written word and the materiality of clothing is central to this process, and as such both are juxtaposed and physically combined in fragments and assemblages, provoking associative meaning. These are pieces of the self."

Hynes carries ideas of loss and belonging into material questioning through collecting, making and writing, investigating the notion of staying present with discomfort through process. In so doing, Hynes reflects on design thinking from 25 years in fashion, marking a point of reconciliation in her creative practice.

Extract from show notes by Dr Rebecca Bell
Digital scan series
A series of limited editon prints of maximum detail digital scans of collected vintage garments and objects. More details on each piece on Art works page of this site.

But never lonely. A parade of ghosts accompanied me on my quest.

All the women who wore these garments, who handled these things, who dressed beds, swept hallways; tended to a baby perhaps, who replaced an odd button while searching for the closest matching thread.

They were my procession of creative possibilities; they dressed me, educated me, questioned me, exhausted me.’

Extract from ‘what can you do?‘

‘A parade of ghosts accompanied me on my search’
Velvet, mesh, draped dress.
Black Velvet base.
Perspex Box frame
In conversation with Dr Rebecca Bell on the opening night of the show at the Kevin Kavanagh Gallery.
You can watch the full talk here


‘shivers up my spine as they clinked against one another’
Perspex and leather shoe.
Stretched linen.  Perspex Box frame